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Full Version: Pugfest 2018 Photos
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Hi All,

Please post your pugfest photos here!
No pictures lol . To busy flying up the hill
I took a couple but none of 306's and no vids I'm afraid.
Didn’t get many...

One of our stand, was quite a good turn out for the day!

[Image: GQDGcs.jpg]

Cavalcade this year was 405s and Rallye’s. my blue wheel’d abomination was hidden at the back lol

[Image: FpBioX.jpg]

Sexy Dutch Dimma Cab was back again this year and was once again nicest car at the show

[Image: o0qeFr.jpg]

Although this came close

[Image: 85XHw9.jpg]

306 wise these were my picks:

[Image: LstIDd.jpg]

[Image: UJH7Bd.jpg]

405 t16 4x4, was LHD so potentially genuine not a rep...

[Image: HUo3nJ.jpg]

And I know it’s a bit naughty but really liking some of these 206s...

[Image: hPIf96.jpg]
We need more pictures, please! I Could not come this time again...
[Image: RPv91Ogl.jpg]
[Image: rvhW8Zfl.jpg]
[Image: KSCEW0Il.jpg]
[Image: WfX514Yl.jpg]
[Image: n0SvCAJl.jpg]
[Image: ZptFRmSl.jpg]
[Image: 6Quwf0Ql.jpg]
[Image: 6puTMvnl.jpg]
Thanks a lot. You are really crazier than french! All what you show on your cars are completly forbidden in France.
Now for example here you can not change your wheels, size tires or muffler....it's getting worse and worse.