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Full Version: WIW Nile GTi6
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1st Owner was Peugeot then a customer of mine bought it in 2000, Has 11 Peugeot stamps Cambelt and Water pump would be done before selling, runs and drives really nice, even has working AC :-) Covered 110k, Recon cyclones. as far as I know hes only ever used Genuine Peugeot parts on it, It drives really well and was always garaged.
I know it’s a WIW, but what price do you have in mind?

Looks really tidy. I mean its probably at least a grands worth.
It will break for £1500 so I think it's worth more than that with the history and it drives like it's 3 years old. I've just bought a 48k one from the same place so I will keep that one and maybe sell this one :-)
Get it on GTi6OC as a few people are looking for a clean one. I'd say £1800-£2000 to the right buyer.
2k was my number. Couldn't reply on the GTI6/Rallye forum.

Those seats will fetch silly money alone should you break it.
Did you sell this?
(12-08-2018, 08:35 PM)partybish Wrote: [ -> ]Did you sell this?

Still have it buddy :-)
Hi if you still have this I would be Interested in it! Brings back old memories