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Full Version: HDi estate value
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I've a T reg meridian estate that we really are not using now. Had a cambelt, tensioner water pump and aux belt November last year, has 118k on the clock, FSH, C5 steels with winter tyres, GTi front brakes but has a few issues - lacquer peel on nearside doors, beam is setup for oval racing, no aircon and heater box needs replacing. I was about to stick KW V2s (with 160lb springs) and a new beam on it but it seems a bit pointless due to the lack of use (we've done I think maximum 2k in it since September).

What do you reckon? £350? £600? Mars bar and bag of crisps? Scrap it and be done?

Thanks Smile
All depends on how much MOT mate, if it's long £350+, if there's none then it's a scrapper once you've liberated the wheels and brakes.
October, except the beam it'd pass no problem. In fact there's no movement on it, just camber so it'd pass anyway. Had a very small amount of welding last year as a preventative measure. Ok I'll think on 350, might be worth breaking then!
You'll struggle to make money breaking it these days.
Better to sell as a whole for a few hundred quid.
Hmm.. Thanks guys, very different market to the gti and rallye now!
Defo better to get rid of it whole, there is no value in breaking anything that isn't a GTi/Rallye/Cabby.
You might make as much but not once you factor in your time at a sensible hourly rate.
As an aside, are the KW V2s going spare and how much would you consider selling them for if they were? Plus what condition etc. etc.
Feel free to PM to discuss to avoid derailing the thread if you prefer.