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Full Version: Report: Snetterton Track Day - 13/11/16
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Several of us booked onto a Javelin track day at Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk. £129 for the full day seemed to be a good price compared to the likes of FCS and French Car Show. Carl Chambers, Carls Dad, Pete, Ryan, Me and Sam were team 306 although there was another silver phase one there that we never saw. Lots of clios, 206s and meganes also booked in so knew we would be in good company with other french metal.

The day began at 6.30 with Bates arriving at my house. We were taking his 6 and my rallye to the track just in case the rallye had more issues than we knew it already had. Main issue being an intermittent misfire. At 7am we hit Framlingham petrol station which was literally just opening so we were the first customers of the day. Fuel tanks filled and two 25L cans full we were back on our way to the track.

[Image: IMG_20161113_212711_zpsulpy5ykh.jpg]
We arrived just before 8 and went straight to sign on in the race office. Checked if it was okay to swap cars and yes, it is possible but you can only do it once and cant go back to a car that has been on track already. Also possible to add Sam as a driver later on. So essentially we could have had half a track day each but more importantly we knew we had a full day of hammering cars no matter what happened to the rallye.

[Image: IMG_20161113_160131_zpsm6gacpky.jpg]

Straight on from this we went to sound check. They were getting the cars through super quick. 4800 rpm for a few seconds and came out with only 89db which I was happy with. Next was the briefing in the restaurant. Far from the several briefings at combe this was one briefing for everyone. A room crammed with probably over a hundred people listening for 20 minutes. No questions asked and wrist bands distributed we were out for sighting laps. 
Three sighting laps and we got in on the second ones. Amazingly someone span out on the first corner of the sighting lap, exactly what we had been told not to do!

Tyre pressures dropped to 25psi in the hope that they would get up to 30. New Nankang NS2Rs later got up to 33 at most and 27 at least. Out on track and it was wet and extremely greasy. All of the understeer as tyres werent at all warm. On the third corner of the third lap I managed to lose the back end. Full opposite lock applied instantly but not fast enough. Not sure what happened but from the video looks like I maybe came in too tight.  Nobody behind so quick little reverse and completed the lap before heading in. Grabbed some bacon and egg sandwiches which came in the form of a baguette with an egg loped on top. Wasnt sure how to eat that so most of it went over the table. 

[Image: IMG_20161113_112910_zpsylvoomw8.jpg]

Headed out for 15 minutes before checkered flag and then we were all in the pit lane with engines off for two minutes silence. Big Ben played over the tanoy. It was an extremely surreal experience. We came in early and watched some of the other cars before grabbing some chips for lunch. Lunch was 12:30 till 1:30 with track closed during this time. Bash and family came and said hi after watching us for the past hour. Jordan was also about but we only saw his car not him! Coming out of lunch we spotted this rare rallye van.

[Image: IMG_20161113_131641_zpsxb56eqnr.jpg]

The afternoon saw the track a lot drier and being able to push the car much harder than before. A few red flags, spins and fluid drops but managed to get in a decent amount of time with some overtakes. Lots of blue flags instructing people to let faster cars through. In many cases before the car was actually anywhere near. Mostly BMW M3s and porsches. Alex in the Megane and Carl in the 306 seemed to have an interesting off on the last corner which scattered markers and mud over the track. Not sure what happened there but it was in the middle of a big bunch.

[Image: index.php?view=image&format=raw&type=img...&Itemid=13]
[Image: index.php?view=image&format=raw&type=img...&Itemid=13]
[Image: index.php?view=image&format=raw&type=img...&Itemid=13]

Towards the end of the day and with grip at its best the check engine oil light started coming on under hard cornering and there was a slightly metallic noise. Went back in and topped it up. Found that the brake fluid was also escaping the reservoir slightly and coolant was slightly down. All topped back up.

[Image: index.php?view=image&format=raw&type=img...&Itemid=13]

Carl Chambers wanted to show us what he could do in a standard GTI6. No mods or replaced bits here. Just a 79k car with some R888Rs and some decent pads. Not even lowered. It was amazing to see what a driver with balls could actually do. We overtook loads of cars I had seen fly past previously and on the hard corners he really lobbed the car in. Really interesting to see that we should all really be starting out with decent tyres.

[Image: IMG_20161113_160256_zpsibyj7c5k.jpg]

Another final few laps before the end of the day and after another 20 minutes the noise was back so decided to call it the last two laps. I was feeling I was getting the hang of the car and decided to just try and see if I could get put a bit more effort in but ended up getting the back end out on the last corner. Some opposite lock before it gripped and flung itself the other way. Again nobody around so no issue. Called it a day after that! Other people were busy putting cars on trailers but we slipped away quickly just driving. The drive home was a pain as my phone sat nav didnt update fast enough. Lots of backroads but hitting all the pot holes in the dark. Back home by 5.30!

[Image: IMG_20161113_184623_zps7ilrskhz.jpg]

All in all it was a fantastic day with a good number of 306s out on the track although we didnt see each other that much on track. Great to meet some of the guys we hadnt seen before and a lot of track time for the money. Unfortunately my SD card corrupted but hopefully I can recover the footage. Track photos to come!
excellent write up Sam, always interested in these types of threads.

Rallye due a service now?
(15-11-2016, 10:03 AM)mr_fish Wrote: [ -> ]excellent write up Sam, always interested in these types of threads.

Rallye due a service now?

It is indeed. It was due one before! Sparks are obviously done but all the filters need doing. I tend to keep about two services worth of parts just sitting on the shelf.
Worked out what your noise was?
(15-11-2016, 11:32 AM)Dum-Dum Wrote: [ -> ]Worked out what your noise was?

nope. I presume a lack of oil at the top end. Will do a full service and monitor.
more photos from the day now online!

Was a good day mate.great driving Smile
finally got things off the gopro...

firstly it was stupidly sunny at some points...
[Image: G0062705_zpsogmnmpfm.jpg]

secondly there were some orange cars...
[Image: G0062623_zpsvjvhnj4c.jpg]

then there were some super slow cars who must have got lost and ended up on track...
[Image: G0032372_zpspbae8la2.jpg]

then there were some french ones...
[Image: G0032365_zpsqbylgntz.jpg]

and some with silly spoilers
[Image: G0011932_zpspj1jvv2y.jpg]

sometimes we didnt face the right direction...
[Image: G0011947_zps359oc7qh.jpg]

sometimes bates pointed at things...
[Image: G0011913_zpsgcppzfio.jpg]

sometimes we went through the pits...
[Image: G0011900_zpstb4xj7ag.jpg]

and saw this orange man...
[Image: G0011901_zpsm2bssst6.jpg]
Was a really good day. Conditions were fun and good group of 306s :-)
Good day mate.

Believe that saxo with the areo got black flagged later in the day.
Great write up, especially liked the photos with comments part. Very funny.
some interesting cars there too!