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Full Version: FOR SALE: Mercedes 190E, Manual, 1.8, BLUE
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As titled, i have for sale (on behalf of a friend) a beloved, and well cared for Mercedes 190E.

From the pictures you can see it has slight surface mold, as it has been sat for a fair while, but apart from that the interior and engine has been cared for, for the majority of it's life.

The reason for sale; the current owner is getting old (retirement age) and hasn't the use for it anymore.

The interior is a cream cloth with electric electrics windows.
The exterior as said, has a small amount of surface mold on the plastic areas. There is a minor scratch on the front passenger door, but is not noticeable from the pictures, again, if you want a close up i can get this.

The car is 140k if i remember correctly.

Any more pictures required, please don't hesitate to ask!

[Image: TWRh0.jpg]

[Image: 6qLXt.jpg]

[Image: VSa05.jpg]

[Image: x7LxW.jpg]

Price; been looking on autotrader for similar prices, and measuring up this spec. i'd say £850 ONO for this.

Again, offers considered as this is being sold on behalf of somewhere else

It is advertised elsewhere so can be removed / changed Smile

Thanks for looking! Any more information anyone wants to add, feel free to do so.
I'm sure someone may know more than me
This could be an epic stance project...
....^^ is exactly what I thought.

Pretty sure its RWD??
Mate has just got one of these... so retro

And yes... very Rwd
epic. always wanted one, but, as per. skint.

[Image: 6120793612_41561edf8b_z.jpg]
Awesome cars, the last of the real Mercedes. I used to run around in a 2.6 auto, was a great drive. Capable of silly high mileages, very rot-resistant, very simple and very refined and comfortable. That one looks very clean too Smile
Does it have MOT or any tax?
Hey Craig.
Pass mate, I'm going to assume not as it had been sat for a while. In my honest opjnion, i can see it passing the mot quite simply.. Again, price negotiable on it mate.
always loved these but can't afford to run my car let alone get a new one! glwts
it is CHEAP! everyone can afford CHEAP! Big Grin
it is cheap, but I can barely afford a gallon of fuel atm, so unless somethings given away its expensive!
Ok, so some more news on this - spoke to the owner, as he's just returned from holiday - he's going to dig out ALL the paperwork and compile it.

I got the car onto a driveway, got it onto some ramps and checked out the underside, and under bonnet.
The underside is immaculate, besides the usual surface rust to be expected from elderly cars, the rear dif has NO leaks, the suspension is immaculate and it looks like the brake hoses were changed recently.

The previous mot showed 2 advisories, for rear tyres near tread limit - i'd say they'd be happy to run a fair few hundred more miles before legality come to question.

Under the engine, again, was looking immaculate - from what i saw, the oil has JUST been changed (still yellowy from dip stick), the air filter again is BRAND new.

The only concern i could see was a leaky rocker cover gasket - pretty simple change, so i'll get on that.
Anyone point in the direction of the correct gasket - guessing ebay jobbies are as good as any?

Second and final concern is the battery. - it happily charges and keep's itself going, but needs a jump to start - assuming the battery is nackered - saying this, in the boot contains de-ionised water, spare wheel with BRAND new tyre on, i was impressed Smile and the manufacture first aid kit, jack, warning triangle etc. etc.

Again, the underside on the front look immaculate, again, the hoses seemed fairly new.

Also, speaking to the owner, he is the SECOND owner of the car from new, and since his possession, has had a service every 6 weeks. The car was used as a 60mile daily commute before it had been stationary.

And yes, the car is on the Isle of Wight - any viewings are more than welcome (i can free'ly taxi from any ferry on the island, ferry tickets are usually about £13 return journey's for passengers)

The idea now is too hold onto the car (if no sale) for another 3/4 weeks before taking it to a second hand car dealer.

I'm VERY confident that it'll pass it's MOT and couldn't find any common issue why it would fail..
Keep it, you and me can put on pin stripe suits, slam it on chrome rims, and roll around the IOW dealing drugs and doing bank jobs in it!

Like this tool. But without his wardrobe

[Image: W140_MAFIA.jpg]
Hahahahahahaha! Noo! That's horrendous!
Also now on GUMTREE
up for sale on eBay with 12 months MOT and tax!

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