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Full Version: Intermittent Loss of Power
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On way back from Wales vs Scotland rugby last night, noticed something up with the HDi.

Belting home at a decent speed in the light drizzle, there was an intermittent loss of power. It felt like the brakes were being applied only for a second or two, then let off again. Most annoying when you're trying to go past someone on the motorway. I gave up in the end and just sat in the outside lane. It appears to only do it when around 3000rpm.

Past couple of days I've had issues with idle sitting at 1000rpm, sometimed 1100rpm so I'm going for the stupid TPS again. Not had a chance to check codes.

Any thoughts?
Clean out the FPR, turned out to be the injectors I found on mine. 3k and there would be a dip /power loss. Some times so bad it felt like it would cut out
I realise this an old thread but maybe one day someone will search it when they have the same problem.

This happened to me on and off for about a year , I had been told it was likely an electrical problem and just to let it develop.

In the end, the check engine light came on and there was a burning smell. Drove it 2 miles to the garage once the light had come on under instruction of breakdown recovery. Turned out it was a fault with the air mass meter which was replaced. Total cost was £250