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Full Version: French Meeting !
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Hi everyone ! 

The french 306iste say hello ! 

[Image: 634367DSC06957.jpg]

[Image: 677739DSC06959.jpg]

[Image: 238005DSC06961.jpg]

[Image: 433033DSC06962.jpg]

[Image: 375878DSC06963.jpg]

[Image: 175108DSC06964.jpg]

[Image: 586368DSC06965.jpg]

[Image: 557443DSC06966.jpg]

[Image: 329085DSC06967.jpg]

[Image: 757869DSC06969.jpg]

[Image: 771742DSC06970.jpg]

[Image: 603188DSC06971.jpg]

[Image: 472591DSC06972.jpg]

[Image: 443848DSC06973.jpg]

[Image: 838083DSC06974.jpg]

[Image: 771309DSC06975.jpg]

[Image: 315191DSC06976.jpg]

[Image: 533838DSC06978.jpg]

[Image: 706462DSC06979.jpg]

[Image: 521762DSC06980.jpg]

[Image: 561211DSC06981.jpg]

[Image: 172624DSC06983.jpg]

[Image: 877549DSC06984.jpg]

[Image: 720461DSC06985.jpg]

[Image: 711319DSC06987.jpg]

[Image: 824318DSC06988.jpg]

[Image: 871117DSC06989.jpg]

[Image: 616915DSC06990.jpg]

[Image: 788335DSC06991.jpg]

[Image: 846173DSC06993.jpg]

[Image: 857274DSC06994.jpg]

[Image: 608840DSC06995.jpg]

[Image: 361018DSC06996.jpg]

[Image: 562392DSC07000.jpg]

[Image: 653426DSC07033.jpg]

[Image: 262417DSC07034.jpg]

[Image: 611413DSC07035.jpg]

[Image: 657037DSC07036.jpg]

[Image: 897638DSC07038.jpg]

[Image: 657729DSC07053.jpg]

[Image: 251589DSC07057.jpg]

[Image: 682365DSC07058.jpg]

[Image: 556268DSC07061.jpg]

[Image: 544212DSC07062.jpg]

[Image: 399985DSC07063.jpg]

[Image: 833717DSC07064.jpg]

[Image: 246665DSC07065.jpg]

[Image: 735385DSC07067.jpg]

[Image: 849941DSC07068.jpg]

[Image: 849710DSC07070.jpg]

[Image: 531625DSC07072.jpg]

[Image: 315614DSC07075.jpg]

[Image: 637755DSC07077.jpg]

[Image: 487285DSC07078.jpg]

[Image: 541493DSC07079.jpg]

[Image: 414350DSC07081.jpg]

[Image: 898556DSC07082.jpg]

[Image: 295811DSC07083.jpg]

[Image: 215585DSC07085.jpg]

[Image: 313837DSC07086.jpg]

[Image: 943474DSC07096.jpg]

[Image: 372911DSC07097.jpg]

[Image: 863936DSC07099.jpg]

[Image: 517154DSC07100.jpg]

[Image: 365571DSC07101.jpg]

[Image: 828762DSC07103.jpg]

[Image: 690955DSC07104.jpg]

[Image: 852963DSC07105.jpg]

[Image: 453540DSC07106.jpg]

[Image: 207459DSC07107.jpg]

[Image: 145913DSC07108.jpg]

[Image: 230932DSC07109.jpg]

[Image: 645582DSC07110.jpg]

[Image: 209758DSC07111.jpg]

[Image: 121216DSC07112.jpg]

[Image: 854359DSC07113.jpg]

[Image: 281146DSC07114.jpg]

[Image: 697626DSC07116.jpg]

[Image: 332971DSC07117.jpg]

[Image: 544648DSC07119.jpg]
Looks like a decent meet you had. Nice variety of peugeots and 306s.

Whats the spec on the astor grey hdi?
looks like a great meet! Big Grin
Wow! Nice meetup!

Whats the deal with the plates?!
On the gray Astor exchanger there is a front , a turbo gt25r , a stainless steel line and reprogramming .

I hid the plates because in France there that the copies, which run with and who make offenses. Undecided

Thank you for your comments
Looks like a good meet how often do you have meets like this
my engine is dirty, it's hard to make a good picture yohan  Rofl
Nice collection there Wink i like the bianca S16 Big Grin
(28-10-2015, 07:33 PM)Yohann77 Wrote: [ -> ]
I hid the plates because in France there that the copies, which run with and who make offenses. Undecided

Some people do the same in the UK.

Nice meet! Is the plane just parked there or some display/history for it???
Looks like a good turn out, nice mix of cars too. Be interested to see more of that hdi, is there a project thread you could link us to please?
Fantastic turnout, those 106 rallyes look beautiful! Big Grin
Looks great