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Full Version: Red Bull Home Run December 2011
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I went to the Red Bull Home Run today 10/12/2011 to see the Red Bull F1 cars running up and down the center of Milton Keynes in Celebration of wining the drivers and constructors world championships for a second year running.

It was f*cking freezing, the ice on puddles in shady areas never thawed. I got there at 6am to get a good spot and the cars didnt start running till after 1pm. I couldn't feel my feet for most of the long walk back to the car but it has made me want to go and watch the British GP at Silverstone

Heres the link to my photobucket.

Some of them are a little blurred cos of my shivering/excitement/the camera focusing on smoke not the car.

Heres a selection of my favorites. Ill post my videos later

[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11014.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11016.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11017.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11033.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11032.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11037.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11041.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11043.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11045.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11049.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11057.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11058.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11068.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11071.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11072.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11073.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11077.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11079.jpg]
[Image: RedBullHomeRunDec11087.jpg]
Looks like it was interesting does that mate, was bloody cold today though!
Definately interesting mate but from my vantage point i saw less than 10 mins of the cars running however the noise they make is incredible, Im in love.

Ill post some videos.
Wicked bid you don't get that sound with a derv ha ha
that looks pretty sick!!
Jonny b Wrote:Wicked bid you don't get that sound with a derv ha ha

Don't know what your talking about,, sounds just like my DT .

Seriously though.. looked like a good day out despite the weather!
Looked like an awesome day