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Full Version: Peugeot 306 HDI 5 Door
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Hey all this is my new peugeot 306 HDI.

I held out when buying one for ages to get a low mileage one and finally found this one that has 64,000 miles on it. Got it for a decent price and was glad I found one with such low mileage.

[Image: 2hf5cfo.jpg]
[Image: 2wq5p94.jpg]
That's a very smart and clean looking 306. VERY nice.
Looks tidy mate, any plans for it? Smile
Currently sorting all my audio kit out for it atm. Hopefully will be getting bits and pieces for Christmas Smile then a stage 1 to start to see how the engine handles it. Decent wheels, maybe lowered and possibly strut braces to start Smile

And cheers I think I have found a decent one tbf haha. Got lucky Smile
It sure looks decent going by the pics.
Ur a lucky guy.
Got my head unit and door speakers fitted. All done to what I think is a fairly good standard. I have to still sound deaden the doors though yet.

[Image: 200711k.jpg]

[Image: 6prp0k.jpg]

[Image: 14ag512.jpg]
Been working on my boot build that I have been getting parts for Big Grin All looks like it is starting to come together now Smile 

[Image: 2po8uqa.jpg]
[Image: 2qk2rep.jpg]

All gonna be drilled. Cables going to be run under the wooden floor as there is about an inch and a half space underneath. The wood is going to be leather coated as well to make it look nice and neat Smile And possibly a frame will be built to go over the amps and electrical parts so I can throw stuff in the boot if I need to Smile
What door speakers did you use? How do they compare to the standard ones?
I have got a set of Apline SPG-17CS speakers going in.
They are not wired into this car yet. But I did have them in my Corsa C before. They sounded fantastic with a HPF set at about 70Hz.
Of course I may have been giving them around 70w RMS higher than their rating though Tongue haha
What are the door speakers pictured??
They are the Alpine SPG-17CS ones.

Sorry yeah I wasn't clear enough about that. Those ones in the picture are the SPG-17CS's and will be staying in. They are just not currently wired atm haha
Managed to cover the first half of the boot build with the leather. Looks a bit dodgy around the edges at the moment and needs touching up a bit. Need to cut and stick it down again to remove the creases on the curves and corners.
(Sorry for shit picture, Lighting wasn't great and I can't get the hang of my new phone camera. It always seems grainy haha)
[Image: 2uzdqf4.jpg]
Lovely audio setup you have there.

Love the attention to detail Smile
Cheers mate Big Grin
Seems very nice and tidy, with low mileage, nice one! Any updates?
Thanks man Smile I am glad I waited for a nice one to come up to be honest Smile haha
And nothing atm really :/ the car isn't on the road until late april when I can get rid of the finance car I have now. I have however bought a set of glow plugs so hopefully they will be going in tomorrow Smile
Few quick updates. The car has had pretty much a full service, It had the oil, filter, air filter, and glow plugs replaced (needed doing and did all in one in case another went any time soon) The car sounds much smoother. I also have some gearbox oil from peugeot as well and will hopefully be getting that done tomorrow or next weekend Smile

[Image: xkoug1.jpg]

Then I have finished off the layout for the boot build and started wiring all that up. Also been stripping and running the cables through the inside of the car as well with a lot of help from Cbray2003 who lives near by Smile He knows the inside and out of these cars like the back of his hand after the amount of stuff he has done on them haha.

[Image: a1tzl0.jpg]
[Image: 35k8r48.jpg]

Hopefully this car will be on the road by next weekend and will have a custom exhaust made as soon as possible and also a remap to a stage 1 to start with and then see how things go Smile
Can't wait to see the boot build finished Smile

Any plans for the exterior
I cant wait to get it sorted my self haha.

And yeah but nothing huge. Just want to get some nice wheels on spacers and then lower it 40mm or so Smile maybe tints
Looks like a tidy car. Is that an old honda accord in the background?

Where did you decide to run the cable from battery through the firewall?
They car in the back ground is a 1990 Toyota Carina haha. Having done 220k miles its only ever broken down once due to a dodgy starter motor. It needs to be a project really when me and my dad get some more time haha.

And yeah I dont think its going to go through the firewall. It will probably be clipped under the car along side the brake pipes or something. Its 50mm2 so way to big to go inside the car :/
Well the car has had a full service.

It needs the gearbox oil doing which shall be done tomorrow. Also it seems to be quite smoky and there is a slight whistling noise so I am going to be investigating for a boost leak as well Smile

Here is the boot build. Not totally finished but that will be all getting finished off next weekend Smile

[Image: 6iws4o.jpg]
Looks familiar lol 
Car all cleaned up today, Starting to try and clean all the interior a bit as well as the leather needs a good tidy up.

Also got my self down to a scrap yard and bought my self the intake elbow and intercooler pipe off a 406 I found there. Shame I couldn't get the bottom pipe but the car had no wheels on so looked like a right pain to get it off haha.

[Image: 2mwuijp.jpg]
Any progress mate Big Grin I wanna see some in depth FMIC guide info Big Grin
Haha non yet on the front mount unfortunately Sad Been sorting out getting rid of my other car and wanted this one to still be on the road while that one was getting sold. Didn't wanna risk leaving it in bits haha Tongue

However there is progress with my wheels Big Grin they are getting a proper refurbish and will be getting a re-spray as well. As it stands they have been acid dipped and shot blasted leaving them like this Big Grin

They are going Toyota Decuma metallic grey Big Grin

[Image: 350nz3o.jpg]

[Image: 2zsw85f.jpg]
Wheels are looking awesome, should be a nice colour too Big Grin Im considering white alloys for my diablo after a refurb but I don't know if it will look tacky Confused

Do they need much of a refurb, hard to see in those pics as they look spot on Big Grin
Your 306 being dark red??
White can look okay but only on certain car colours.

As for the wheels the one you can see is the best by far. There are two which will need a lot of filling and sanding but its going really well. Just been stopped by the rain unfortunately Sad haha
White looks awesome on Diablo tbh, remember Garaculas's car from .net?
(02-05-2015, 02:33 PM)Toms306 Wrote: [ -> ]White looks awesome on Diablo tbh, remember Garaculas's car from .net?

Agreed, looks sweet on Sigma my old one and cherry, in fact on most colours Imo lol
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