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Full Version: FCS Expo at Donington 12/10/2014
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So, here's my usual poor phone efforts...
Few more...
Good show?!
Few from me Smile


That Renault 5 was amazing (one at the end)

Got a video of it leaving Expo and it made some insane noises
I only got one photo! But I did take lots of video footage so expect a hand shakingly bad video soon!
Dodgems! :-)
(13-10-2014, 09:45 AM)kentiiboii Wrote: [ -> ]Dodgems! :-)
Terrible understeer on those, and a misfire. Definitely needed a service and geometry set up.
Understeer and misfire were the least of mine and Kent's worries
I sat there for about 30 seconds with the entire cart just spinning round in the wet. the steering wheel just spinningon its own. A minute later i saw grant doing the same lol Dodgems footage is alright. May be able to cut a few decent bits out of it for a proper video.
Should have gone on them later when the track dried out degg
The gopro takes terrible photos D:

[Image: GOPR0160_zps0418669a.jpg]
[Image: GOPR0156_zpsa9c3a2f6.jpg]
[Image: GOPR0155_zps320b235f.jpg]
[Image: GOPR0152_zps011991f5.jpg]
[Image: GOPR0150_zps9685edfb.jpg]

The videos are way better. will take some stills from there!
Just wanted to say, nice to meet everyone at the stand on sunday. Here's some pics. Enjoy.

Love the loo seat mate, very apt. Great day. Cheers
Good to meet you mate, and welcome to the forum! Smile
Thanks for the invite Greg, it's was a great day, really enjoyed it. Glad you liked the loo seat. It was peeing down on the way back!!!

Good to meet you grant, and everyone at the show.
Glad to see you signed up and glad you enjoyed the day! Smile
Thanks mate, good to meet you.
I want that gold and white engine. More than cake!!!
Woah, the size of the turbo inlet on that Cosworth... :o
Good day out,can't wait for the Xmas meet Smile
that r5 is stunning