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Full Version: its friday and nobody noticed ?
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fri; been 34c here today in turkey, my shoulder has over-cooked & peeled

sat; 10.30 a.m taxi to new waterpark for 2nd visit of the week as the kids liked it, but weather forecast is for 40c......warm water bath again

sun; not sure, think a longer taxi ride that costs several small buttons, in an air-cond doblo driven by mad, grinning non-English speaking driver is called for.....place called fethiye isn't far away but supposed to be dead nice.
Tonight: Nowt.

Saturday: Off 't Lakes to ride Whinlatter and Grizedale, Then beers.

Sunday: Riding Iron Keld and Loughrigg...Looking forward to it as my riding mojo faded recently Sad
Today: packed all my life belongingsinto the zr and saying my goodbyes . Then driving to Doncaster to rest up at ladysteves place.

Saturday: traveling to bury to view flats to move into

Sunday: who knows , maybe have somehwere to live Big Grin
Oh was it friday today?
Today was at work, then chilled.
Tomorrow work till 2 and then paint some car bits up.
Sunday work all day.