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Full Version: Any body have experience with rover diesels?
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I know this is a 306 forum but im having problems with the inlaws rover 75 auto cdti. Basically it keeps cutting out and refusing to start for about 5 mins.
Both fuel pumps are working I have changed crank sensor and checked all over but still cant solve it. Its recently had a service too. Any advice would be great.

Also when it stops it flashes up check engine and sometimes oil pressure low.
Think the 75 cdti engine is a BMW engine?
(14-08-2014, 07:59 AM)lolsteve Wrote: [ -> ]Think the 75 cdti engine is a BMW engine?
I think it is yes pal. its the 135 x-power.
I keep thinking air in the system
check live data, should show whats not letting it start
Got it booked in for live reading next Tuesday so shall see what happens then