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Full Version: theywhoshallnotbenamed Christmas Meet 2011
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LOVE how in the last photo you can see the shadow of Scott's hat, and the top of my hat in his car (I was asleep lol)
KimmieKat Wrote:LOVE how in the last photo you can see the shadow of Scott's hat, and the top of my hat in his car (I was asleep lol)

ahaha that is a a scott hat over and over, loving the pics dum
what camera u using
Becca Im using a fujifilm finepix S4000, one of the latest generation of them.
The RRP is £200-£250 but you can get them for £160

Its a bridge SLR (not a full SLR camera but not a P&S either)
Oh and Carlos Post some of your favourites in here for us all to see
very good pics with the camera ur using hun
Dum-Dum Wrote:Oh and Carlos Post some of your favourites in here for us all to see
Just for you love bum Wink
beccaboo Wrote:very good pics with the camera ur using hun

Thank you, made my evening (after having a shiny new working forum). I forgot when I posted that that your a pro photographer.

Ive only had it a couple of months, still getting used to it and playing with all the settings.
ha ha yep i am a photographer so i know just a tad about camera lol
Suppose I best post my lot. Will post the album link up at the end too.

Also, if anybody wants any full res photo's just PM me Smile

[Image: DSC05590.jpg]
[Image: DSC05591.jpg]
[Image: DSC05592.jpg]
[Image: DSC05594.jpg]
[Image: DSC05596.jpg]
[Image: DSC05599.jpg]
[Image: DSC05602.jpg]
[Image: DSC05604.jpg]
[Image: DSC05605.jpg]
[Image: DSC05606.jpg]
[Image: DSC05607.jpg]
[Image: DSC05610.jpg]
[Image: DSC05612.jpg]
[Image: DSC05613.jpg]
[Image: DSC05615.jpg]
[Image: DSC05616.jpg]
[Image: DSC05617.jpg]
[Image: DSC05618.jpg]
[Image: DSC05620.jpg]
[Image: DSC05619.jpg]
[Image: DSC05621.jpg]
[Image: DSC05622.jpg]
[Image: DSC05624.jpg]
[Image: DSC05625.jpg]
[Image: DSC05626.jpg]
[Image: DSC05627.jpg]
[Image: DSC05628.jpg]
[Image: DSC05629.jpg]
[Image: DSC05630.jpg]
[Image: DSC05631.jpg]
[Image: DSC05632.jpg]
[Image: DSC05633.jpg]
[Image: DSC05634.jpg]
[Image: DSC05636.jpg]
[Image: DSC05638.jpg]
[Image: DSC05639.jpg]
[Image: DSC05641.jpg]
[Image: DSC05642.jpg]
[Image: DSC05643.jpg]
[Image: DSC05645.jpg]
[Image: DSC05646.jpg]
[Image: DSC05649.jpg]
[Image: DSC05650.jpg]
[Image: DSC05651.jpg]
[Image: DSC05652.jpg]
[Image: DSC05653.jpg]
[Image: DSC05654.jpg]
[Image: DSC05655.jpg]
[Image: DSC05656.jpg]
[Image: DSC05658.jpg]
[Image: DSC05659.jpg]
[Image: DSC05660.jpg]
[Image: DSC05664.jpg]
[Image: DSC05665.jpg]
[Image: DSC05666.jpg]
[Image: DSC05667.jpg]
[Image: DSC05672.jpg]
[Image: DSC05674.jpg]
[Image: DSC05677.jpg]
[Image: DSC05679.jpg]
[Image: DSC05680.jpg]
[Image: DSC05684.jpg]
[Image: DSC05689.jpg]
[Image: DSC05698.jpg]
[Image: DSC05701.jpg]
[Image: DSC05705.jpg]
[Image: DSC05706.jpg]
[Image: DSC05707.jpg]
[Image: DSC05708.jpg]
[Image: DSC05709.jpg]
[Image: DSC05712.jpg]
[Image: DSC05714.jpg]
[Image: DSC05717.jpg]
[Image: DSC05718.jpg]
[Image: DSC05725.jpg]
[Image: DSC05726.jpg]
[Image: DSC05728.jpg]
[Image: DSC05731.jpg]
[Image: DSC05735.jpg]
[Image: DSC05738.jpg]
[Image: DSC05740.jpg]
[Image: DSC05744.jpg]
[Image: DSC05750.jpg]
[Image: DSC05751.jpg]
[Image: DSC05752.jpg]
[Image: DSC05753.jpg]
[Image: DSC05760.jpg]
[Image: DSC05763.jpg]
[Image: DSC05764.jpg]
[Image: DSC05768.jpg]
[Image: DSC05770.jpg]
[Image: DSC05772.jpg]
[Image: DSC05776.jpg]
[Image: DSC05777.jpg]
[Image: DSC05779.jpg]
[Image: DSC05781.jpg]
[Image: DSC05782.jpg]
[Image: DSC05783.jpg]
[Image: DSC05785.jpg]
[Image: DSC05787.jpg]
[Image: DSC05788.jpg]
[Image: DSC05796.jpg]
[Image: DSC05799.jpg]
[Image: DSC05805.jpg]
[Image: DSC05811.jpg]
[Image: DSC05819.jpg]
Anyone got anymore pics of mine that arn't about ?
Some really good photo's there wish i could have made it.
how our morning started...
[Image: IMG_20111202_113858.jpg]
ed doe, avert your eyes, or kill ginge and jack for this but i didnt know about this for 50 miles :O
[Image: IMG_20111202_135415.jpg]
the hotel the night before
[Image: IMG_20111202_164425.jpg]
a lonely man wondering the car park
[Image: IMG_20111202_164436.jpg]
friday evening meal with our camera flash wars Big Grin
[Image: IMG_20111202_182350.jpg]
sam got sticker bombed Big Grin
[Image: IMG_20111202_203112.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111202_211152.jpg]
fun with candy floss....
[Image: IMG_20111202_213928.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111202_214454.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111202_214536.jpg]
then just some general fun...
[Image: IMG_20111202_220634.jpg]

ill save the mornig after pics, im sure sam wont appreciate thm hahah

multi coloured foam in the car wash Big Grin
[Image: IMG_20111203_110052.jpg]
dum dum as "The Bee"
[Image: IMG_20111203_112208.jpg]
then the meet...
[Image: IMG_20111203_131107.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111203_131120.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111203_131302.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111203_131319.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111203_150804.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111203_163921.jpg]
LOL kim
[Image: IMG_20111203_164806.jpg]
The evening [Image: IMG_20111203_205536.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111203_204617.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111203_211407.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111203_222630.jpg]
sam with springs glasses on
[Image: IMG_20111203_223900.jpg]
oh dear....
[Image: IMG_20111203_223954.jpg]
ginge and his ginger mate
[Image: IMG_20111203_224008.jpg]
sam realising she hasnt had her go in three frames...
[Image: IMG_20111203_224018.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111203_224448.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111204_010934.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20111203_224620.jpg]

one for the lads... Big Grin the view in the morning Big Grin

[Image: IMG_20111204_100954.jpg]
some panorama shots....
[Image: PANO_20111203_1333511.jpg]
[Image: PANO_20111203_1325581.jpg]
[Image: PANO_20111203_1319441.jpg]
[Image: PANO_20111203_1319121.jpg]

then got boxed in by this on the hill lol
[Image: IMG_20111206_132343.jpg]
Thanks for the one of me sleeping Phil!
KimmieKat Wrote:Thanks for the one of me sleeping Phil!

not a problem, i had perfect cover when taking it, scotts bonnet was up lol quickly snapped that then hid behind the bonnet Big Grin
Looks like an awesome meet, shame I missed it :x :x
PR1Y35H Wrote:Looks like an awesome meet, shame I missed it :x :x

It really was, especially staying friday and saturday
Photobucket's compressed this like a bitch
[Image: wide.png]
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