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Full Version: Eurotrip 2014
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Would be fun to do a proper euro trip , say from england to italy .
I will try to get my rallye finished in time for the 2015 one id will defo be going if the car gets finished.
(17-07-2014, 10:23 AM)kelvsere Wrote: [ -> ]Would be fun to do a proper euro trip , say from england to italy .

Um.. we did exactly that? Just via Germany, Switzerland and other countries...
Ah heavy , was it fun ?
It was epic! ^^ BX + 305 + Derv Mafia on a roadtrip, bring on 2015!!
Was hella fun, everybody needs a chronic roadtrip once in a while, good for the soul. Big Grin
Holy thread revival batman and all that, but Frosty and I are thinking of doing this in August/September, Poodle could you do us a massive favour and google map the route you drove on this trip? We are definitely doing the Nurburgring but aren't sure on the best roads in Europe and need some advice Smile
Edit: and possibly Sam Smile
Could be game!
Er, best i can manage is pointing out a couple of the passes we did. The road-trip wasn't particularly well planned so there was never a route map and i haven't got any record of it. Will have a look on a map when i next get some spare time.
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