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Full Version: Cambelt change
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Soon i will change my cambelt, i was looking to buy Contitech parts, does anyone knows the part number for my car, it's ph2 dturbo from 99.

Any tips to change it?

Use a long flat headed screwdriver to hold the cup and spring up so you can remove and refit the tensioner, i wedged it with a few bits of wood on the floor aswell. Make sure all the bolts thread in and out the pullies by hand. Turn it over by hand a few times first to check the belts running true and that the timing pins all still line up. And remember to remove your flywheel locking tool before turning it over!
Cambelt kit probably wants to come with a new tensioner really, at that age the original is probably well worn.
Make sure you get all three locking pins in and the rest of the jobs pretty easy - I did my last one in under 90 minutes.

Like Tom says, spin the engine over a couple of times and check the belt is still aligned, it's easy to get the fuel pump a tooth out.
I'm in doubt with the kit! Contitech or Gates?
Either would be fine, i use gates personally, and would recommend you get an OEM water pump pump from peugeot, pattern parts are shit.