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Full Version: PP2000 cable issue
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I seem to be having an issue with the cable that goes from the USB to the serial port to the control unit.

Does anyone know how this cable is wired and if it would be easy to make one from a USB plug and serial plug?

Could I use a straight serial cable from the serial port of my laptop to the control unit?

Note, by control unit I mean the little box of tricks that goes between the laptop and the car.
If your laptop has a serial port, i would try using a null serial to serial lead as i know Peugeot used to connect theirs to their laptops with serial leads (may still do).
don't think its a serial plug count the pins
I use to have a long and a short lead. The long went faulty first and today I tried connecting the estate to program a new key but I couldn't get connected to the ECU.

My laptop doesn't have a serial port but it's docking station does so it's going to be a bit of hassle having to connect that up first.

I wonder if I'd need to install other drivers for it to work via serial port?

(27-02-2014, 08:25 PM)cully Wrote: [ -> ]don't think its a serial plug count the pins

15 pins

Bugger it's like the VGA plug Sad