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Full Version: high temp coolant light without overheating
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Hi had something puzzle me. Moved caravan last night from storage to home to get it ready for this weekend, just as I got near home the light came on on temp gauge with the stop light. Then almost immediately went off. Talking less than a second. Then did the same about 3 seconds after. The temperature was showing about 80 which is normal with caravan on (just under 70 normally without -this has been questioned as too low but all is good there). Anyway I've checked coolant level which is fine. No problems today. Can this mean something else? Just a bit concerned as taking caravan 100 miles each way this weekend. Car is a 1995 Peugeot 405 TD. I think early 306s have the same instrument panel
Could be either a dodgy sender or the wire for the coolant temp light grounding out if the guage was reading steady.

Assuming that the Ph2 clocks work the same was as Ph1, was oil pressure light on as well as the STOP and coolant temperature lights? If so, that points at low oil pressure - either genuine or again a faulty switch or wiring grounding out.
Oil light didn't come on, just temp light and stop light. That I noticed come to think of it. Would low oil pressure cause coolant warning light to come on?

I've took pictures of my clocks. Done with key out, first position, ignition on, engine running

[Image: IMG_20140214_193308_zpswekyulto.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20140214_193319_zpsr0gypioo.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20140214_193329_zpszxbzgede.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20140214_193342_zpskqebu5tq.jpg]
I've had this. Turned out to be corroded wire going onto temp sensor.
Funnily enough it's not happened since....