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Full Version: Mighty Car Mods - United Kingdom Meet 2013
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So this actually happened! There were loads of cars and a good variety too. 3 306s there and a wave from one of them! I arrived dead on time at 11am which is when the meet was supposed to start. A few cars were already there and marty hadnt had a chance to setup shop before I was getting photos and buying T shirts off him. Shirts were £20 each but they came with a ticket for the heritage motor museum which was £12 anyway!

I had a look round all the cars and got some photos and videos and then we had a group photo which had so many people in it we had to squeeze in and still couldn't get everyone in. Brilliant atmosphere with brilliant people.

I checked out the museum and they had an amazing collection of cars. Highlights being the delorean from back to the future, a DB5, E-Types, Tracked Land Rover, Jaguar XJ220, MG 5V and a Range Stormer Big Grin

People asked me about my car and marty came and stuck his camera on the inside whilst I had the PS2 out which was great. Official MCM video should be out in the next week or so. Cant wait to try and find myself in it.

At the Meet:

[Image: IMG_6166_zpsa28b745f.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6163_zpsa393b1eb.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6465_zps3f4b139d.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6455_zpsddf2f237.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6453_zpsa05be807.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6464_zps2ec36563.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6461_zpse754043c.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6448_zps10a5be81.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6447_zps3d78dba1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6443_zps69225187.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6263_zpsbf4e272b.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6241_zps9de32d5e.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6254_zps6a452a09.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6255_zps0ad33994.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6251_zps483907c2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6246_zps75549cfc.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6242_zpsecd650a6.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6252_zps762c7ae3.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6230_zps821bb1ef.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6234_zps69af1330.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6215_zps9bea4b1e.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6221_zps38b7a3c2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6213_zps4e8d24ce.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6202_zps8a146091.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6231_zps39b5605f.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6206_zps12058580.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6190_zps111297a9.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6204_zps0c8c68fa.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6189_zps44a965b2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6185_zpsc4090b10.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6176_zps1b1f9d64.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6170_zpsf877a16e.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6172_zpsc2b9d1ff.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6183_zps5b69c304.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6204_zps1e8e0268.jpg]

In the Museum:

[Image: IMG_6412_zpsd9b1f5c1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6357_zps53f31d45.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6398_zps321d7e49.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6430_zps99b1b9bc.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6435_zpscf8434a2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6441_zps5c940555.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6390_zps77086d33.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6331_zpsee13c627.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6349_zpsd7509730.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6385_zpsb897ad0d.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6383_zps30236fa8.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6362_zps893b4680.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6344_zpsb5a21023.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6328_zpsd365dcce.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6312_zpse78e1292.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6289_zps466b7054.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6336_zpsc34c33ef.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6325_zpsd68b366f.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6313_zpsb3ad49ea.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6310_zps00107a1b.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6290_zpsb23010f9.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6284_zpsd1e2e642.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6271_zpsff170fcb.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6283_zps073761b7.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6280_zps41f509b2.jpg]
Looks like a pretty good selection and day that Smile. Recognise quite a few cars from the MX-5 forum
so gutted i missed this Sad
yeh it was a brilliant day. Love my tshirt and lanyard now! Proper fan! haha
Looks like a good show, Nice variety of stuff.

[Image: IMG_6185_zpsc4090b10.jpg]

My guilty pleasure these, Love 'em and would'nt mind one someday!
Looks good doesnt it. I like he engine cover. Video should be out soon hopefully!
[Image: IMGP4405_stitch-001_zps5f217ae2.jpg]

Nice panorama here!
Mr srowell himself is on the video

Nice close up rowell
YAYYYYYYY Big Grin Shame it didnt show I was playing Underground 2 haha
Probably advertising reasons
(17-10-2013, 10:20 AM)kentiiboii Wrote: [ -> ]Probably advertising reasons

nah it was the reflection from the sun :/