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Full Version: SRowell's Pugfest 2013 Video
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Video is here!

I made some transitions that were in time but they went out of sync and I just wanted it finished. Its 1080p this year and has a better variety of footage and some calamities!

Comments appreciated!

Original Post:

is coming soon....

Its about 5 minutes long. Has lots of footage and I had quite a lot of track stuff so chose the stuff that sounded the best. Eventually there will be one without music but you can hear the bwarrrrppp so dont worry!

Its 1080p and my connection is rubbish so its taking an age to both render/encode and even longer to upload to youtube!

Stay tuned people!
Im gonna make a video too as I have a good amount of HD footage but Im just too f*cked to do anything at the moment
standard problem for you right there! Big Grin xx
Yeah Ive got several GB of viedo off the camera alone far less the stuff on the phone and all the photos too
Uploaded yet?
Video is now live!

im not in it this year

good video m8 Wink
nice well done fella

but same as paul, I no see my 6 Sad
Looks good! And epic song choice
Don't work on phone
Seriously, what's with the shit music? Told you this last year... I am disapoint
Good very good....... BUT one problem there wasn't no pic's/ shots of the 106 stand!! lol
this isnt all my footage but was the best stuff to put in a video!

the video isnt available on mobiles because of music in the background! Hate youtube not me! It has greyed out the section for mobiles for me!

I made it into the video!!! I feel honoured, i'm one of the very from the club to make the cut lol - i saw a bit of rowell's travelling buddies, dom's 205 (with scotts(?) and mine in the background) and Niall's failed take-off. Anyone spot anything else?
there will be a 306oc video coming soon! that will have more 306 footage Wink
You must be doing chronic amounts of video editting, fair play dude. Look forward to seeing pugfest 2013 - oc edition. Wink
bump! keep watching it people! opinions and feedback keep me going!
Wicked video, I've got some HD gopro footage off of my 205 and my friends 306 rallye if any wants them.
talk to scott. he has a way of sharing footage!