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Full Version: Mini unexpected Portsmouth meet
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Takes the Portsmouth members up to like 10 ish iirc
Who's there?
Me tom simon and mike. And a couple other non 306
thanks for my invite lol
What he said ^^
We're down Clarence pier now.... :-)
Bit late now lol bet you won't be there much longer, or will you ?
Worst. Pictures. Ever. Haha

Should get the ferry over Wink
Ahh whatever matt! Lol. 5of us in the end.only realised that there was 4. Then Ethan came down and we met a strange French Canadian guy who wouldn't leave us alone ha
My god he was weird
i was on the forum before i even joined Wink haha
Wtf? Thought I'd actually missed a recent meet until I saw the date lol.
Give me a shout when this happens again lol