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Full Version: XUD9 injector seals x5 of each lucas/bosch
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[Image: 20130704_104043.jpg]

£10 posted
I'll take them mate.
Shit, wanted the lucas ones lol. Conor, don't suppose you only want the bosch...?
They both the same only got the one set of 5 lads
Oh ok pmsl, I fail at this xud shiz.
(05-07-2013, 08:19 PM)Poodle Wrote: [ -> ]Oh ok pmsl, I fail at this xud shiz.

Dont worry ul b suprised how quick you pick it all up
do u still have the seals
Sorry pal sold I can try get some more if needed
Not trying to *** on your thread chap...but this is a monumental rip off...

These seals are 8pence each from ANY bosch service center in the UK, and probs not alot more from a peugeot dealer....
U not think I know this lol

U shit on most my threads anyway so no biggy pal
U can remove this thread if you want lol
I have no reason to remove it, im just saying....And I dont really see that I **** in your threads, cant remember the last time i posted in one?
No I know your just saying, you have a few times one being the plates but no longer have any 306 stuff or anything relating to them but someone bought these anyway lol I aint arsed anyway pal was just sayin Smile

But suppose making just under 4k onna car that stood me at 800 aint bad even if my prices were steep lol