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Full Version: Ace Cafe 20/05/2013
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Cool pics. This one scared me for a moment until I realised it was brake lights reflected off my paint.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7283]
I can't seem to upload pics. Get a memory low error
(21-05-2013, 06:58 PM)4WayDiablo Wrote: [ -> ]I can't seem to upload pics. Get a memory low error

Such a let down Phil
Still love looking at my baby in these photos :p
It's a lovely bit of kit, can't say I blame ya lol
Thanks! Wink not doing much good for my huge head right now though hahaha
Hahaha, well if it helps I think the blue one next to it is much better and would definitely win in a race... An eco race ;-)
Only just realised i never uploaded my photos from the night! Doh

I had to ditch a few pics, as im just learning photography, and have been doing a lot of experimenting with different settings, meaning im getting quite a few that arent any good, but here are the best ones from the night in no particular order:

[Image: DSC02601_zps9ceb8e5b.jpg]

[Image: DSC02603_zps00b33761.jpg]

Ed's "Scratch" lol
[Image: DSC02606_zps4f79d737.jpg]

Ben Jay on my brothers electric scooter....love the face! lmao
[Image: DSC02608_zpsba124e5e.jpg]

[Image: DSC02609_zps6e526a48.jpg]

[Image: DSC02610_zps208caafb.jpg]

[Image: DSC02616_zps3477088a.jpg]

[Image: DSC02617_zps814753c4.jpg]

[Image: DSC02619_zps2639e790.jpg]

[Image: DSC02620_zpsd605476b.jpg]

[Image: DSC02622_zps14084d46.jpg]

[Image: DSC02625_zpsd74b3df7.jpg]

[Image: DSC02633_zpsa9953f63.jpg]

[Image: DSC02640_zpsc9b409b7.jpg]

And finally, mine nestled in with the R5's. Nospeak
[Image: DSC02646_zps32797577.jpg]
That estate was somewhat of a head turner lol
The black 1 with the cossie wheels looks mega