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Full Version: Lakes Night Meet - Kirkstone Pass - 02/02/12
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Sorry to everyone who has been waiting for these, been a bit busy of late,

Really enjoyed the meet, good laugh was had by all even if it was -7*C when we left (think that might have something to do with the location.........)

Good to see a non local up here and put another face to a name Poodle Smile

Anyhoo, the better pics from the evening (take into consideration that we didn't meet up until half 7 ish and that we were ontop of Kirkstone pass so it was a little dark lol )

The view around us + some star trails as it was nice and clear..........
[Image: P2021685.jpg]

Some light painting entertainment
2 fails-
[Image: P2021686.jpg]

Thats better............
[Image: P2021688.jpg]

[Image: P2021689.jpg]

I have also realised that I missed Poodle's fiesta transport out of all the the pics (you can just see the back light in the above three pics)......sorry Sad

[Image: P2021694.jpg]

Ignore D@wson's parking lol
[Image: P2021695.jpg]

Poor parking fixed ish
[Image: P2021701.jpg]

[Image: P2021710.jpg]

[Image: P2021712.jpg]

Sorry it took so long.........
Good Photos
Nice photos looks bloody freezing tho lol
epic photos! Big Grin awesome
Cheers, the air writing was Jonny, I can't take credit for that!

Hitchos Wrote:Nice photos looks bloody freezing tho lol

It was, think it was like -4*c when we arrived and -7*c when we left, takes more than a bit of cold to put us northerners off lol
pretty cold then lol
I've been warmer...

Great photos mark, it was a good meet!
Yey epic meet. Pics were good aswell as the banter and turbo charged nipples :p
Looks like a decent meet!
Wish I could have made it. I hate my job Sad
Ha no worries Mark, wouldn't want a ford dirtying up a perfectly good set of pics. Tongue

Great to meet everyone, hope to see you at FCS if not before.
I even know where that is.