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Full Version: Official Nurburgring and Europe Thread
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So, as the majority of you know, a few of us have recently been on an trip to the Nurburgring and then for an epic road trip across Europe.

Who went?
Me in my 1.9 TD accompanied by Fooby
Jonny in his estate accompanied by Ash (milkman)
Tom (rocker874) in his GTi6 accompanied by himself
Martyn in his 1.9 TD accompanied by his annoying GF

Our ferry left Dover at 12:00 Friday and so after a full day of work and driving for some us to get down south, we then got in the ferry and carried on driving all the way to the Nurburgring. Jonny and I cruised the journey at quite a slow place and with picking up Ash and Fooby nearly missed the ferry lol

We had an nice drive across France, into Belgium, where we got had an 'extended' tour of Bruges. Basically, Ash got us lost and we ended up on some narrow, cobbled streets. Not fun in a lowered car! We then thought it would be wise to drive straight through Brussels and got even more lost in their silly on way system. But it was all good, as their system is pretty much underground, so some amazing tunnel noise banter began.

There was then a drive, which was pretty much motorways until we got to the Nurburgring. Eventually found ourselves an amazing campsite and despite being on the go for more than 24 hours, decided to go check out the Nurburgring. Came back, had some tea and after being on the go for 30 odd hours decided it would be wise to get some sleep.

Following day was the reason for out trip. The Nurburgring. I'm still getting goose bumps thinking about the track and how much fun it was to drive. So we had a few laps, no major dramas, apart from Jonny completing loosing the estate and nearly ending up backwards in the barricade, but we will gloss over that Tongue The day was quite overcast and condition were not the best, which was quite fortunate in a way, as it meant that the track was quite.

The following day was more a day of dribbling over the cars in the car park. The sun, had come out, clear blue sky and just generally awesome conditions. The car parks were full and track looked very busy. There were quite a few bashed in cars and recovery trucks so it was funny to laugh at people's failures in rental cars. So after a spot of go-karting we headed off.

We then started heading south, with the intention of spending the night near Stuttgart, but ended up in Hockenheim. At this point we discovered that there was too much snow in Switzerland and Italy to drive all the intended passes, so we had to re-plan the rest of the trip. We ended up on some stunning passes near the Alps, which I would say at time rival the popular ones. We actually ended up messing up our cars more on these passes, than we did on the Nurburgring. Martyn had steam pouring out his rear breaks, Jonny's stunk to high heaven and my discs were glowing a lovely orange colour.

After a two days of beautiful roads and scenery we ended up in Monaco Big Grin Never before have I felt more out of place. Super and hyper cars everywhere, every man in a suit and just a general feeling of wealth. So how they reacted to a few old, dirty, French diesels makes me laugh. Oh and don't you worry lads; I coaled the f*ck out of an Aston Martin. One nice surprise was that they have already started preparing for the F1, so we actually had the honor of driving the track. The tunnel was AMAZING.

After that it was time for the cross France journey back to Calais. Nothing major happened, just had to cover the distance to get back in time so a lot of Motorway driving. Apart from Jonny's car breaking of course. This happened in the middle of Lyon at rush hour, in the middle of the tunnel. So I had to tow him to safety.

There were quite a few breakdowns as you would expect. Personal highlights would be Tom's coolant pipe coming off and steam pouring everywhere and choosing to ignore it. As well as the chronic brake fluid leak. Which is a story in itself actually, we ended up taking it into a Peugeot garage and they wanted to charge 900, yes 900 Euros to fix it so we left in a hurry. Martyn had a few issues, the steering column playing up and my favourite was when the rear wheel was taken off and the pad fell out just afterwards lol And we all know the situation Jonny is in, I assume. My car was the surprise package, 100% reliability. It did not need to be touched once!

In summary, for me it was a trip of a life time, so much happened, went to some amazing places and achieved a boyhood dream of driving around the Nurburgring and couldn't have asked for a bunch of lads to do it with













Awesome stuff, will defiantly be up for it next year, already have set up a separate non touchable bank account to take my money till then haha
Wow! I must have missed this...
If you make another Europe trip next year, I'll definitely come and meet you Big Grin
168 pics in the album below, easier than posting them individually
Awsome guys.i now I said I'd do it this year but definitely next year.
Jonnys estate spinning out? haha!
i think il be joining you next trip Smile
How much were laps

Did you do the roller coaster thing.

(16-04-2013, 09:49 PM)martyn92 Wrote: [ -> ]Jonnys estate spinning out? haha!

Let off oversteer by anychance Dodgy
Looks like you had a brilliant time lads! Would of loved to of been with you!
Ive been to the ring and can confirm it is epic! Your road trip looks like a better route though!
Does look like an awesome road trip guys, glad you all enjoyed it!
The laps were 26 Euro per lap. However, if you want to do more laps, you can buy them in bulk. Think they were 4, 9 and 25, which makes it slightly cheaper.

The roller coast was out of action when we were there, we did go on the go-karts though!

lol Horribly greasy track and couldn't say, was not in the car with him, so not sure exactly how it happened!
Such a truly epic trip, can't wait until next year!

The ring was really great fun, and the spinning out just adds to the experience lmao but all down to a wet track and and an off camber corner, resulting in me losing the back end. I managed to catch it but I would have gone through the barrier so I just let it go. The look on Tom's face was hilarious as he came round the corner to see me facing him.

I'll put up my pictures when I get home, gotta go and rescue my car first.
It was an epic trip and made me lol coming round the corner to find the estate the wrong way around

The 'slight' issues i had were only minor lol
Tom you fanny get some pictures. Up
Im deffiantly coming next year!!!
I really want to come next year but I'm saving up to do the Monaco grand prix next year. Suppose we could plan the trips to coincide with each other.

How much do you reckon its cost each of you.
[Image: page_235869-563de2df7ef5d9a9a247bc78493c1036.jpg]

Fooby riding shotgun with a helmet on, Driver with no helmet lmao
(17-04-2013, 02:41 PM)Ed Doe Wrote: [ -> ][Image: page_235869-563de2df7ef5d9a9a247bc78493c1036.jpg]

Fooby riding shotgun with a helmet on, Driver with no helmet lmao

In all fairness id do the same if i was in the car with fooby...
Looks awesome!!

I can't gather much from trawling throught the johnny breaking down thread, am i right in thinking he lied about shooting a rod then after this something went with the cam?
(17-04-2013, 02:41 PM)Ed Doe Wrote: [ -> ][Image: page_235869-563de2df7ef5d9a9a247bc78493c1036.jpg]

Fooby riding shotgun with a helmet on, Driver with no helmet lmao

stop it stop it !!

all the special children wear them Ive seen them all riding the bus together
My pictures will be up tomorrow ash need fooby to send me my videos from his laptop so i can get those up too
Basically ed me and tom thought it was funny to troll about chucking a rod then 2days later the aux belt decided it wanted to mate with the cambelt
amazing. really want to do this myself. how much did it all cost in the end!

Also does Jonny now have Nuremberg ring decals below his side indicators?
He does indeed have them on the side
He also has missing rockers.
There not missing I know exactly where they are.............. In a bowl in the boot of his car
In terms of price. In all honesty I probably averaged 600 mile to a tank. I think I went through 5 tanks. Once accommodation, food, laps etc was taken into account, I reckon it cost me between £400-£500. I lost my card after the first day though lol, so I don't have an accurate figure without seeing Jonny's bank account details.

We did work out though, if the trip was just the Nurburgring (in a DT) it would cost you about £400 for five days. If you got two of you in a car, it would be dirt cheap for the amount of awesomeness that takes place!

I don't know if it sarcasm, but Fooby is wearing a hat, not a helmet lol
So jealous. If I had known you were doing this I'd have come. Been every year for the last 6 and had a blast every single time!


I probably spent 800in total but I'm yet to work it out
Put my name down on the next one... maybe a bit later in the year so the alps arent snowed up?
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