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Full Version: Starter Motor Bolt
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So, the bottom starter bolt is stuck tight, couldn't get it out with my socket set (felt the bit bending) and I managed to get a spark as mole grips slipped off the Alan key as that wouldn't budge it either. The Alan key has just started rounding the hole so I gave up for today. Soaked it in plusgas but I think its overtight rather than seized so that won't make a difference.

Any ideas?
Allen key in the bolt, socket that will fit on the Allen key with extension bar on the end of the socket for more leverage the Allen key may bend but will come out, try giving the head of the bolt a whack with the hammer to free it up
Hmm, didnt think of that........but theres more chance of the cheesy peugeot bolt rounding than the allan key bending lol. I'll give that a go though. Smile
Sometime the allen key can make a diffence as some have slightly rounded conrers so they are always likely to round off when the bolts tight. Some better quality 1s have shape edge on the allen keys so are less likey to round off
If you've rounded the Allen key slightly you can always use an imperial Allen key it may possibly give you a better fit
Hit it a few flakes with a hammer first then either use a good fitting allen kit with a bit of piping on it or a socket/allen key bit with a ratchet etc.
Bad news is the bolts rounded and f*cked.....good news is Danny's method worked lol! For a few turns anyway, then it rounded completely but was loose enough then to mole grip off. Smile. Why they couldn't just use a normal bolt I've no idea!
Thing with Allen keys you got to make sure it's the right size sometimes feel its the right one but it isn't and slips, glad you got it out mate Smile
Yeah true. Most seem to be size 8 on the 306 tbh.
Pretty sure theyre 7mm allen bolts lol
Pretty sure starter motor bolts are 8mm Allen key!!
Is it? Might be Fords then, been ages since Ive done either lol
Yeah they're 8s lol, the air con pipe retaining bolt is also an 8....
If the bolt's rounding, get a better allen key. IIRC they're quite deep socket heads on the bolts, if there's enough movement in the head for it to round, your allen key isn't a decent fit.
There wasn't any movement to start with lol....if the bolts werent made with French cheese it'd be fine! lol

I do want to get some proper hex sockets though....got some halfords pro torx sockets and they're much better than any previous keys or bits I've had!
Honestly a decent allen key shouldn't have rounded the bolt. I didn't know the meaning of "decent" until the allen bit I used to tighten the wheel nuts kept slipping and rounding them, made worse because they're aluminium lug nuts. Bought a Halfords Pro 1/2" drive 12mm allen bit and they haven't rounded since.
I assure you the bolts are 8mm. I am doing a change now. You need 10mm socket to undo aircleaner and a cross head screwdriver for aircleaner cover. On my 2l Diesel I am "Haynes 1B.4 page" bottom pic. Your best bet is to undo the 2 x 10mm bolts holding the air cleaner duct from outside and remove it totally and that will give unrestricted access to those 3 bolts. The bottom one may be a harder one to get to and also it gets a tad more weathering and it is shorter that the other two. They are not so bad to undo so I suggest forget allen key and use a proper 8mm socket. I am trying to get a bit more wriggle room to access the electrical connections that are exposed in a half conduit across the front of the engine. I am very circumspect about this because the loom is canvas wrapped and the material is not in good condition, but also plugs and connectors could be old and uncertain and the less you disturb the better. My car is 18 years old and I don't want to have to get another one in such amazing condition. 306s are vanishing fast and I am lucky to be part of you lot and have one.